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Alan Tiat


Supports private and public sector clients through expertise in ISO 55001: Asset Management, covering 39 subareas of asset management.


About Alan 

Alan is a senior executive with extensive experience in physical asset management, systems, marketing, strategic business development and management. He has a proven track record of generating increased revenue, enhancing the bottom line and reducing costs and growing business units through effective business strategies resulting in long- term sustainable growth. Alan has been able to achieve this as CEO, MD, Sales and Marketing Executive in previous positions in asset management, healthcare, education, call centre and eLearning companies trading in South Africa and across numerous African countries. During the past 24 years his Asset Management experience has been in fixed asset registers, ERP system implementations, preventive maintenance programmes and facilities management. Alan’s healthcare experience has been in the fixed and mobile equipment, nursing optimization and general hospital management. Alan’s education experience has been in print & digital publishing, teacher training and eLearning. His call centre experience has been in Public Sector and Consumer based call centres. His eLearning experience has been in Learning Management systems and online courseware.


  • Asset Management

  • Marketing

  • Extensive Sales

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