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Niall Gahan

Advisor,  Finance & Compliance

Advises organization on financial management and compliance management to support organizations strategy and business sustainability.


About Niall

Niall is is a Business Financial Analyst with over 16 years experience in organisational strategy and business sustainability. Over his professional career he has acquired a plethora of management skills including; strategic management, financial management,  Human Resources management and Company Secretarial & compliance management; all of which enable him to perform enterprise development activities from financial advisory & fundraising from both finance institutions and equity funds to statutory compliance activities. Niall has played an active role in BBBEEE strategic transformation projects, involving intricate business development acquisitions and establishment empowerment holdings for blue chip companies and HDP’s (Historically Disadvantaged Persons). As a training facilitator, he has led corporate finance and compliance trainings in multiple African countries including South Africa, Nigeria and Liberia. Through his role as a business advisor, Niall has bled business and sustainability planning project for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship as well as budget management and financial reporting for a brand engineering company with operations in RSA and the UAE.


  • Financial analysis, planning & budgeting

  • Business expansion planning and implementation

  • BBBEE compliance

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