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Migal Lewis

Senior Developer

Draws on years of private-sector experience to build enterprise application software (EAS), workforce capabilities and culture that deliver business outcomes and value.


About Migal

Migal is a senior full stack developer with extensive experience in the banking sector. He has worked in three of the big five banks in South Africa, playing a key role in teams within these banks, solving a variety of problems. Some of these problems includes data migration of over 20 million voice recordings and documents from Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited  to First National Bank; a modern call center application underpinned by optical character recognition (OCR) technology for automated documentation recognition (ADR) utilized by FNB Life to digitizing investment products for Standard Bank Group Limited. Migal joined Omnipresent Global (Pty) Ltd in 2019 to take on the role of Tech Lead, leading a team of computer engineers tackling complex artificial neural networks and embedded programing.


  • Software Development

  • Integration & Migration

  • Cloud Computing

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