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Thierry Luhandjula 

Chief Technical Officer

Draws on years of private and public sector experience to deliver enterprise level data drive asset management applications, workforce capabilities and culture that deliver business outcomes and value.


About Thierry

Thierry is a Technologist specializing in Data Science, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. He has worked on end to end computer vision solutions in areas such as healthcare, enabled environment and surveillance, and contributed to the development of digital services for asset management, water management and transport. Thierry has been able to achieve this as a PhD Researcher, a Computer Scientist, a Senior Computer Scientist and a Data Scientist. During the past 12 years his Computer Vision and Machine Learning experience included working on vision-based solutions for automatic driver fatigue detection, automatic gaze detection and automatic wheelchair mobility through visual intent recognition of patients. Furthermore, he has worked on automatic crack detection of highways from drone imagery as well as automatic detection of guard rail defects on highways. Also part of his portfolio, is an automation solution for a computer aided design (CAD) tool for water management and image registration of multiple drone imagery. His experience also includes Business Development and Project Management through his involvement in his last Company’s’ Data Science Roadmap development. Thierry’s education experience includes a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, a Master of Technology, a Master of Science and a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering (specializing in Computer Vision and Machine Learning).


  • Digital Service

  • Artificial Intelligence  

  • Electrical Engineering

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