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Welcome to 

Omnipresent Global

South Africa

We play a vital role in the country’s transformation by driving investment performance through digital transformation.

Our Services

As a technology company, we leverage our expertise in computer engineering, pervasive computing, computer vision and machine learning to design and develop enterprise electronics and computer software solutions geared at optimizing operational visibility for public and private organizations with medium to large asset portfolios.

IoT & Cloud

We provide turnkey industrial internet of things (IoT) applications that feature data storage, near real-time / real-time analysis and data visualization for insights. We provide our clients with insight and access to their infrastructure/assets from anywhere in the world, allowing them to solve quality problems and machine failures remotely. Other services include embedded programming, integration to legacy systems, data migration and database creation/management.

In the Woods

About Our Business


At Omnipresent Global (Pty) Ltd, our purpose is to improve operational visibility and drive investment performance through digital initiatives. We’re a technology company that primarily develops enterprise electronics and computer software for our clients in the telecommunications sector. In addition, we leverage our extensive computer engineering expertise, our knowledge of UAV systems and execution intelligence to provide other unique services to our clients in sectors such as; mining, construction, agriculture and energy, with a key focus on organizations with medium to large asset portfolios. Our mission is to give our clients key insights on their assets on demand, for better decision making.

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Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

90 Rivonia road, Sandhurst 2196, Johannesburg 

(+27) 010  035 0585

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